Rotary Club of Mammoth Lakes Scholarship Program
The Mammoth Lakes Rotary Club Foundation award is presented to a graduating high school senior who intends to matriculate to Cerro Coso. This award:
  1. Funds tuition up to $10,000 per year for two years at any California State University (CSU) campus, the University of Nevada Reno (UNR), a University of California (UC) campus or a private college or university (maximum award per student $20,000).
    1. If the award is not sufficient to entirely fund tuition at the chosen institution, the student should have adequate additional financing (other scholarships, grants, etc.) to ensure that tuition is fully funded, and
    2. Students must submit a plan, including a budget, for living expenses specific to the area where they will be matriculating.
  2. Honors both a student’s academic achievements, as well as community contributions during their time in high school (reflective of Rotary’s ideals and values as a community service organization).
  3. Is presented at the graduating high school senior breakfast alongside the other scholarships.
  4. Establishes certain academic and community standards* that must be maintained, including:
    1. Submission of an academic plan in the fall of the freshman year at CC.
    2. Enrollment as a full-time student in on-ground classes.
    3. Maintenance of a minimum 3.0 GPA, with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 upon graduation from Cerro Coso, in order to ensure eligibility for the WUE at UNR.
    4. Maintenance of standards of behavior commensurate with the ideals of Rotary International while at CC and throughout their university career.
    5. Graduate with both an Associate degree as well as fully transfer-ready within 4 semesters.
    6. Acceptance for transfer to an approved four-year university.
*NOTE: Standards and requirements established within this program are not intended to force the scholarship committee into an unintended outcome. The committee will have the discretion to grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis, with the advice and consultation of Cerro Coso administration. The principal test in making exceptions, however, must remain that the student will complete the four-year Bachelor’s degree. Club funds will not be distributed unless that goal can be assured.
  1. Supports the efforts of Cerro Coso by helping to promote the school as a viable college plan, and to encourage students to think about college who might otherwise not have done so.
  2. Is structured so that funds are issued directly to students on a quarterly or semester basis in order to avoid negatively impacting their ability to access other forms of aid. In order to ensure the funds are used for the purposes stated herein, students are required to:
    1. Sign a contract agreeing to the terms the club sets forth.
    2. Provide an advance budget, as well as documentation for expenditures to include defined criteria such as date, purpose, and payee.
    3. Forfeit and repay to the club any Rotary funds used for purposes other than those set out in the contract. 
  3. Serves as a centerpiece of the club’s scholarship efforts but does NOT preclude the club from awarding additional scholarships of varying amounts, or for other purposes.
I have read and understand the above program requirements of the Rotary Club Scholarship. I further understand that failure to abide by these requirements will result in the loss of the scholarship award.
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